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The BetterWorld Trust


The BetterWorld Trust is a 501(c)(3) based in Temecula, California, created in 2000 through the generosity of Paul Goldring Garrett.


BetterWorld is the culmination of Paul's lifetime dream and vision of effectively and intentionally creating a better world together. It is his belief that working together we can create a profound difference in this world and make it better for us all to live.


BetterWorld's purpose is to channel the creative and entrepreneurial energy that Paul uses in his business into unique and forward looking ways that will benefit significant numbers of people in need, by nurturing those qualities that enable people to help themselves. We believe we begin succeeding when human lives are improved in ways that continuously sustain and expand those lives in a wave like, self-perpetuating motion.


We focus primarily in the fields of Education, Health, Hunger, Housing and Quality of Life. We provide entrepreneurial leadership and financial support for organizations locally, in our State, our Nation and around the World.


For more information about The BetterWorld Trust, visit

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